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Biomaterials & Devices

CCRM develops biomaterials and human tissue mimetics for functional tissue drug screening, in vitro and in vivo cell modulation, endogenous stem cell stimulation, stem cell delivery and cell therapy development.

Biomaterials & Devices Capabilities

Medical device & combination product prototype design

  • Biomedical polymer processing (porous scaffolds, fibres, coatings, micro/nano-sphereshydrogels)
  • Surface modification
  • Combination products (polymers + cells, drugs, biomolecules)
  • Design documentation

Materials selection

  • Regulatory history assessment
  • Cost analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Purity analysis
  • Material substitution and equivalency testing

Product and process development

  • Feasibility assessment (COGs & unit operations analysis)
  • Scale-up (equipment selection, reagent acquisition, batch production & testing)
  • Optimization (yield, purity, cost)
  • Pilot scale production for technology transfer
  • Analytical method development
  • Process standardization and validation

Prototype/clinical sample fabrication

  • Controlled environment (class 10,000 cleanroom)
  • Cell culture
  • Stability & biocompatibility testing
  • Specialized device testing
  • Final product specification testing development & validation
  • Technical file documentation

Custom polymer synthesis

  • Bulk, solution, suspension & emulsion polymerizations
  • Stable and degradable polymers
  • Physicochemical characterization

Lead Scientist

Molly Shoichet