Biomaterials & Devices

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This platform focuses on developing biomaterials and human tissue mimetics for: functional tissue drug screening, in vitro and in vivo cell modulation, endogenous stem cell stimulation, stem cell delivery and cell therapy development.


Biomaterials & Devices Capabilities


Medical device & combination product prototype design

  • Biomedical polymer processing (porous scaffolds, fibres, coatings, micro/nano-spheres, hydrogels)
  • Surface modification
  • Combination products (polymers + cells, drugs, biomolecules)
  • Design documentation

Materials selection

  • Regulatory history assessment
  • Cost analysis
  • Sourcing
  • Purity analysis
  • Material substitution and equivalency testing

Product and process development

  • Feasibility assessment (COGs & unit operations analysis)
  • Scale-up (equipment selection, reagent acquisition, batch production & testing)
  • Optimization (yield, purity, cost)
  • Pilot scale production for technology transfer
  • Analytical method development
  • Process standardization and validation


Prototype/clinical sample fabrication

  • Controlled environment (class 10,000 cleanroom)
  • Cell culture
  • Stability & biocompatibility testing
  • Specialized device testing
  • Final product specification testing development & validation
  • Technical file documentation


Custom polymer synthesis

  • Bulk, solution, suspension & emulsion polymerizations
  • Stable and degradable polymers
  • Physicochemical characterization



Lead Scientist

Molly Shoichet


Please contact Dr. Michael May at with any questions.