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Our Facilities

Our Development Facility
CCRM’s 560 m2 (6,000 ft2) facilities feature state-of-the-art technologies operated by knowledgeable staff and supported by world-class scientific leadership. CCRM’s development scientists and technologists have expertise in three key areas: cell reprogramming and engineering; cell manufacturing; and, biomaterials.    



CellScale Microsquisher


The Microsquisher, developed by CellScale (Waterloo, Ontario), is a micro-scale system designed to determine the tensile/compressive moduli of small soft specimens. The system is used to determine the stress-strain properties of various samples such as biomaterial scaffolds, hydrogel microspheres, tissues and cell aggregates in ambient air or submerged in a temperature-controlled aqueous bath.


TAP Biosystems ambr™ system


TAP Biosystems’ advanced microscale bioreactor (ambr) workstation controls 24 disposable micro bioreactors for parallel multi-parametric processing and utilizes an automated liquid handler. Currently, CCRM is utilizing the ambr to translate immune cells and stem cells from static cultures into stirred suspension cultures and to determine an optimal bioreactor culture environment.


Bioprocess Suite


CCRM uses bioreactors to produce cells in stirred suspension culture with precise and automated control of variables (temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen) critical to achieving robust and consistent cell manufacturing process performance, at different scales of production.


Centre for advanced therapeutic cell technologies (CATCT)


The focus of CCRM’s BridGE team is the Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies (CATCT). CATCT is an advanced manufacturing solutions facility that is addressing challenges in cell and gene therapy production. GE Healthcare, the anchor partner of CATCT, has committed $20 million to the project, which was matched with $20 million from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). By forming the BridGE team, CCRM and GE Healthcare are working together to support their clients and partners in developing the next generation of solutions for effective manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products, to ultimately make these treatments more accessible to patients.


How we can help with your cell therapy process development


BridGE@CCRM can help you develop the tools, processes and advanced technologies necessary for efficient and reliable manufacturing of cellular therapies.

Our contract process development services include:

  • Process closure and automation
  • Scale-up/Scale-out
  • Cost reduction
  • Process optimization
  • Media optimization/screening
  • Process and manufacturing operations modelling

CATCT will expand to a state-of-the-art facility, located at the heart of downtown Toronto, in proximity to numerous hospitals and innovation centres, in early 2017.

We are currently accepting projects for customer process development in CCRM’s existing development facility.

Contact us to explore how we can help develop your manufacturing process.


Partner with us: co-development opportunities


The BridGE team is looking to partner with select companies that have unique technologies that can be integrated into cell manufacturing workflows and developed through CATCT. Contact us to learn more about co-development opportunities.


GMP Facility


CATCT will be co-located with a cell therapy GMP facility being built in partnership with University Health Network (UHN), to be operated by CCRM.