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CCRM’s core activities reside within three key product development and commercialization platforms:


Cell Reprogramming & Engineering

  • Generate a comprehensive bank of patient and disease-specific human induced pluripotent stem cell lines
  • Develop new and optomize standard operating procedures for existing reprogramming technologies
  • Perform fee-for-service pluripotent stem cell production
  • Engage students and industry in training and best practices in reprogramming technology


Cell Manufacturing

  • Develop technologies for the production and differentiation of human stem cells and their derivatives
  • Support technologies that increase robustness, automation and standardization in regenerative medicine cell processing
  • Generate cells to be used in development projects by CCRM and its partners
  • Engage students and industry in training and best practices in regenerative medicine cell manufacturing


Biomaterials & Devices

  • Develop functional tissue mimetics for high content drug screening
  • Generate a comprehensive bank of functionally and chemically characterized biomaterials with regenerative medicine applications
  • Support the development of scaled up processes for biomaterials generation
  • Engage students and industry in training and best practices in biomaterials synethesis and characterization


The product development efforts in each platform will be carried out in CCRM facilities under the direct supervision of CCRM's Director of Product and Process Development with a focus on first-generation prototype development (involving initial scale-up, optimization and validation).  Product development activities will be focused on pull market needs identified by our industrial partners and on foundation technologies that will accelerate regenerative medicine applications underway in our member institutions.