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Cell Manufacturing

CCRM’s cell manufacturing capabilities include the development and commercialization of technologies to enable the robust and scalable production of pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) and their derivatives, as well as somatic progenitor cells and other cell types, for cellular therapy and drug development. These technologies will provide CCRM the means to meet partner companies' and members’ demands for well characterized stem cells as well as to facilitate CCRM internal needs for such cells. The “scale-up” solutions will be further tested in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities (P.S. Orsino Cell Therapy Facility in Toronto; Sprott Centre for Stem Cell GMP Facility in Ottawa), providing the necessary standardization for clinical development.

Cell Manufacturing Capabilities
Protein Production and Screening Station
  • Gene library
  • Production of recombinant proteins in bioreactors
  • Screening of stem cell expansion and differentiation factors (biomolecules & drugs)
  • Cost-effective cell culture media development
Bioprocess Development and Optimization
  • Bioprocess design, specification & testing
  • Stem cell expansion and differentiation in bioreactors
  • Bioprocess scale-up & optimization
  • Process automation & real-time sensor development
  • Cost analysis and reduction strategies
  • Process standardization and validation
Cell Processing and Storage
  • Cell product extraction, isolation and purification protocols
  • Optimization & validation of cell processing
  • Cell enrichment, preservation and storage (cryopreservation)
Product Characterization
  • Cell purity analysis
  • Phenotype characterization
  • Specification testing and functional validation (bioactivity and biocompatibility)
  • Functional assays of differentiated cell properties
Pilot Scale Manufacturing
  • Pilot-Scale production for prototype validation
  • Fee-for-service production of specific cell types (e.g. cardiac cells, hepatocytes)
  • Automated bioreactor production of human cells
  • Integration with clinical GMP facilities