CCRM provides consulting services for business planning, market intelligence, and regulatory and intellectual property (IP) strategy to customers in industry and academia. With over 1,000 consultation hours and more than 400 opportunities assessed, our commercialization and technology expertise will enable you to streamline the processes required to bring your technologies to target markets.

Specific Areas of Expertise:

  • 10+ years regulatory affairs consultation within Health Canada, navigating both Canadian and international regulatory policies for cell and gene therapy
  • Product classification, transplant registration and Health Canada regulatory interaction and submission services
  • Technology reviews, including data review
  • Market assessment of novel technologies
  • Competitive landscape analysis from both IP and market perspectives
  • Patent strategy
  • Defining appropriate commercial paths


As the Regenerative Medicine arm of Medcan is relatively new, we were interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the market opportunities open to us. We engaged CCRM to prepare an overview of the current regenerative medicine landscape and future directions of the field. CCRM provided us with a personalized market report covering our areas of interest and answered any questions we had regarding the findings in relation to our goals. CCRM’s services and expertise were of high value to us and we look forward to potential collaborations in the future.

Rob Francis, Vice President, Business Development – Regenerative Medicine, Medcan