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Innovative CDMO Services

CCRM provides innovative​ CDMO services to enable the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapies and regenerative medicine technologies. With our customer-focused approach customized to each client, we provide process development and cGMP manufacturing services tailored to our clients’ timelines, financing, ambitions and needs. Our team of expert engineers and scientists has over 300 combined years of cell and gene therapy experience. Our scientific expertise and know-how can help emerging and established partners in the regenerative medicine field from concept to market.

CCRM’s expertise in developing, scaling up and manufacturing cell and gene therapies include the areas of:

  • Process scale-up and scale-out, closure and automation
  • Media formulation and development
  • Gene editing and cell reprogramming
  • Cryopreservation
  • Cell (iPSC, CAR-T, MSC, NK, HEK) and viral vector (LVV, AAV) process development and optimization for commercial manufacturing
  • Analytical assay development
  • cGMP manufacturing of master/working cell banks
  • cGMP manufacturing of cell and gene therapies for Phase I & II clinical trials

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