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The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) invited Elizabeth Csaszar, Development Manager at CCRM, to be part of a series of videos promoting the profession. 

Whether you’re creating mobility devices, developing technology for smart infrastructure, engaging youth in the profession, or manufacturing stem cell therapies, you have an integral role to play in guiding how the world works. As a member of the engineering community, you’re part of a dedicated group that creates solutions for society every day. When you join OSPE you’re instantly connected with an impressive network of like-minded people who understand the value we bring to the field. From mentorship, career guidance, advocacy, and many more benefits, we’re here to support you, so you can change the world.

Development of a Semi-Automated Closed CAR-T Manufacturing Process

Development of a Semi-automated Closed CAR-T cell manufacturing process

Presented At: Cell Biology Virtual Event 2018

Presented By: Calley Hirsch, PhD – Development Engineer / Scientist II, CCRM

Speaker Biography: Calley Hirsch has been a Development Engineer / Scientist II at CCRM in Toronto for 8 months, where she specializes in upstream lentiviral production and gene delivery technologies. Prior to working at CCRM, Calley was a postdoctoral fellow at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute in Toronto and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston working on pluripotent stem cells and somatic cell reprogramming. Calley received her PhD from the University of Saskatchewan.

Canada eyes leading role in regenerative medicine

Scientists tour CCRM's laboratory facility

Getting a promising new product to market can be a challenge, and this is especially true in medicine. From the earliest stages of development through to clinical trials, proving that new therapeutics work can take a lot of time and investment. CCRM bridges the gap between the lab and the clinic, helping accelerate stem cell therapies to the market.

This video was created by Research2Reality (R2R), which is a groundbreaking initiative that shines a spotlight on world-class scientists engaged in innovative and leading edge research in Canada. R2R’s video series celebrates the success of researchers who are establishing the new frontiers of science and to share the impact of their discoveries with the public.

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