Fulfilling the Promise of Much-Needed Cures

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Regenerative medicine could revolutionize healthcare by providing actual cures to so many diseases where we are currently only treating symptoms. But the field is so new that there are exceptional hurdles to getting great ideas from the bench to the clinic.

Michael May is the president and CEO of CCRM, and he is bringing together the players who are needed to translate stem cell discoveries into commercial products.

This video was created by Research2Reality (R2R), which is a groundbreaking initiative that shines a spotlight on world-class scientists engaged in innovative and leading edge research in Canada. R2R’s video series celebrates the success of researchers who are establishing the new frontiers of science and to share the impact of their discoveries with the public.

CCRM Sits Down with Stephen Minger


Dr. Stephen Minger is Global Head of Research and Development for the Cell Technologies business of GE Healthcare Life Sciences and, in this role, Dr. Minger travels the world to stay current and connected with what’s happening in the regenerative medicine industry. He shares his thoughts about the industry in this video.

Dr. Minger leads the development of GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ cell-based technologies for use in drug discovery and pharmaceutical research.  He also directs the development of GE Healthcare Life Sciences’ enabling technologies for the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

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