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Sept 18/14 Reliable and highly efficient method for making stem cells.               
Sept 17/ 14 World breakthrough: a new molecule allows for an increase in stem cell transplants.               
Sept 15/14 'Brain in a dish' yields schizophrenia clues.               
Sept 15/14 The global landscape of stem cell clinical trials.               
Sept 14/14 Nobel in action: Japanese woman undergoes revolutionary stem cell transplant.               
Sept 12/14 Scientists 'reset' stem cells.               
Sept 11/14 [UBC] diabetes researchers find faster way to create insulin-producing cells.               
Sept 10/14 Researchers infuse antibody-studded iron nanoparticles into bloodstream to treat heart attack damage.               
Sept 6/14 Why age reduces stem cells' ability to repair muscle.              
Sept 4/14 How to tell good stem cells from the bad: Yale researchers answer key question.               
Aug 27/14 DefiniGEN Ltd. joins European Bank for induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (EBiSC) consortium.               
Aug 26/14 First living organ built inside an animal offers hope for transplants.              
Aug 14/14 New gene editing method shows promising results for correcting muscular dystrophy.               
Aug 14/14 Tissue development 'roadmap' created to guide stem cell medicine.               
Aug 12/14 CRI scientists pinpoint gene likely to promote childhood cancers.               
Aug 11/14 Scientists have created the most realistic fake brain tissue ever.              
Aug 6/14 Better standards sought for range of stem cells entering the clinic.              
Aug 1/14 Inducing insulin resistance: Human iPS cell model offers new look at key driver of type 2 diabetes.              
Jul 29/14 Stem cell advance may increase efficiency of tissue regeneration.               
Jul 28/14 Teeth sprout from glia-derived stem cells.               
Jul 25/14 Scientists one step closer to stem cell therapy for MS.              
Jul 25/14 Antioxidant biomaterial promotes healing.              
Jul 21/14 Joint replacements get a boost with advanced materials [and the efforts of a stellar Ontario team of researchers].              
Jul 17/14 Top EU lawyer clears way to stem cell patent ruling.               
Jul 17/14 Scientists turn stem cells to blood.               
Jul 16/14 Scientists create first-ever 'biological pacemaker' in pig hearts.               
Jul 3/14 Research integrity: Cell-induced stress.               
Jul 3/14 Nuclear transfer appears superior for creating embryonic stem cells.              
Jul 2/14 Some 500 genes differ in bipolar patients' neurons.              
Jul 2/14 New way to regrow human corneas.              
Jun 30/14 Banking on iPSCs.               
May 13/14 Stem cell research points to early indicators of Schizophrenia.              
May 12/14 [Toronto team develops] new drug approach for safer clean-up of deformed blood vessels in the eye.              
May 5/14 Mixing stem cells with clay to regenerate human tissue.              
May 2/14 Stem cells from some infertile men form germ cells when transplanted into mice, study finds.