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Apr 11/14 Regenerative researchers have grown vaginal organs.        
Mar 31/14 Can epileptic seizures be prevented or predicted?        
Mar 27/14 Making better mesenchymal stem cells.        
Mar 25/14 Major [Canadian] breakthrough in developing new cancer drugs: capturing leukemic stem cells.        
Mar 21/14 Proteins that control energy use necessary to form stem cells.        
Mar 19/14 'DIY' finger prick yields ample stem cells for banking.        
Mar 13/14 Riken's duty is to be upfront, answer doubts over STAP cell articles.        
Mar 12/14 Finding hiding place of virus could lead to new treatments.         
Mar 11/14 FDA approves Israel-developed stem cell 'factory' for research.         
Mar 5/14 Stem cells from patients offer model, drug-discovery platform for early-onset form of Alzheimer's.        
Mar 4/14 Stem cells move scientists closer to 'Holy Grail for liver biologists'.        
Mar 3/14 Stem cell advance yields mature heart muscle cells.        
Feb 27/14 Nuclear stiffness keeps stem cells and cancer cells in place.         
Feb 24/14 New biological scaffold home, sweet home, for stem cells.        
Feb 22/14 Can stem cells make old muscles strong again?        
Feb 13/14 Protein switch dictates cellular fate: stem cell or neuron.         
Feb 13/14 [Toronto] Cancer researchers discover pre-leukemic stem cell at root of AML, relapse.        
Feb 11/14 Yamanaka takes issue with claims STAP cells are safer than iPS option.        
Feb 4/14 Salk Institute and Stanford University to lead new $40 million stem cell genomics center.        
Jan 29/14 Hip replacements might provide "untapped" source of stem cells for regenerative medicine.         
Jan 29/14 Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells.        
Jan 28/14 Encapsulate this [Insulin-producing islet cells could hold the secret to curing type 1 diabetes....]        
Jan 28/14 Lab-grown, virus-free stem cells repair retinal tissue in mice.         
Jan 28/14 Japan moves to regain prominence in biotech.        
Jan 27/14 California to spend up to $40 million to fund research in new field of stem-cell genomics.        
Jan 26/14 Supramolecular polymers - a possible biomaterial for artificial human parts.         
Jan 8/14 Living brain cells generated from biobanked Alzheimer's tissue.        
Jan 6/14 J&J gambles $12.5M in rare Big Pharma bet on a stem cell therapy.         
Jan 6/14 Biomaterials get stem cells to commit to a bony future.         
Jan 2/14 Study finds patients give "broad endorsement" to stem cell research.         
Dec 24/13 Adult stem cells suppress cancer while dormant.        
Dec 19/13 Biomaterials: Hydrogel fibers make tissue generation efficient.         
Dec 16/13 Biomaterials can repair human heart.         
Dec 13/13 Nature Medicine selects CINO study as most important discovery in regenerative medicine.