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Jan 26/15 Promising use of nanodiamonds to kill chemoresistance cancer stem cells more effectively.   
Jan 22/15 Engineering an in vitro air-blood barrier by 3D bioprinting.   
Jan 22/15 Scientists announce revolutionary culturing technique for liver and pancreas.  
Jan 19/15 Stem cell success: One couple's effort to protect their son from fatal nerve disease will help other boys too.   
Jan 18/15 Health researchers digging into own pockets to bridge gap in funding.   
Jan 12/15 Wellcome Research Round-up [with research by Drs. Naoko Irie & Fiona Watt].  
Jan 8/15 ViaCyte receives clearance from Health Canada for diabetes clinical trial.   
Jan 7/15 Egg and sperm cells made from adult cells.   
Jan 6/15 Scientists develop pioneering method to define stages of stem cell reprogramming.   
Jan 1/15 Mass customization of stem cells.   
Dec 29/15 Stem cell transplants may halt progression of Multiple Sclerosis.   
Dec 18/14 European court clears way for stem cell patents.   
Dec 11/14 Researchers [at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto] discover new class of stem cells.   
Dec 5/14 Single-cell analysis hints at stem cell code linking transcription and development.   
Dec 3/14 CWRU: Peptide shows great promise for treating spinal cord injury.   
Dec 3/14 For stem cells, it's a case of home sweet home [McMaster findings].  
Nov 28/14 Cloning pioneer proposes global network of iPS cell banks.   
Nov 26/14 Stem cells show potential for treating rare skin disease.   
Nov 25/14 Ontario announces funding for stem cell institute.   
Nov 24/14 Pain in a dish: Turning skin cells into pain-sensing neurons.  
Nov 20/14 Stem cell researcher pioneers gene therapy cure for children with "Bubble Baby" disease.   
Nov 19/14 CDI and Northwestern U. take first steps toward rebuilding an organ using manufactured human cells.   
Nov 19/14 Gene therapy provides safe, long-term relief for patients with severe hemophilia B.  
Nov 14/14 Rutgers Chemistry's Ki-Bum Lee patents technology to advance stem cell therapeutics.   
Nov 13/14 Tumor suppressor also inhibits key property of stem cells, Stanford researchers say.   
Nov 12/14 Gene therapy: Editorial control [to cure sickle-cell disease].  
Nov 11/14 ViaCyte wins US patent to manufacture human pancreatic progenitor cells.   
Nov 10/14 Stemina's Autism blood test shows early promise, has lots to prove.   
Nov 6/14 Salk scientists discover a key to mending broken hearts.   
Nov 6/14 A promising strategy against HIV - Researchers genetically 'edit' human blood stem cells.   
Nov 6/14 Scientists develop human stem cell disease model of Parkinson's disease in a dish.   
Nov 6/14 IPS cells and banned SCNT-derived stem cells are similar.   
Oct 26/14  Cancer killing stem cells engineered in lab a step forward for cancer therapy.   
Oct 24/14 Growing a blood vessel in a week.   
Oct 23/14 Successful retina transplant sparks hope [with commentary from Toronto experts].  
Oct 22/14 Human skin cells reprogrammed directly into brain cells.