December 2022 Holiday Party

Most of CCRM’s employees have science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds. As of February 2023:

  • 83% completed post-secondary education in a STEM field
  • 51% are scientists
  • 10% are engineers
  • The rest work in other roles (such as business development or operations)

The majority of our employees have advanced degrees.

  • 38% have a master’s degree
  • 25% have a PhD

Our Executive Team

Michael May
Michael May
President & Chief Executive Officer
Peter Zandstra
Peter Zandstra
Chief Scientific Officer
Michael Israels
Michael Israels
Chief Financial Officer
Cynthia Lavoie
President and Chief Investment Officer, CCRM Enterprises Ltd.
Sherif Sheta
Chief Information Officer
Jana Machan
SVP Operations
Sven Kili
Sven Kili
Chief Development Officer

Key Contacts at CCRM

Administration and Operations:

Mary Babyn-Baena
Executive Assistant and Office Manager

Communications and Marketing:

Stacey Johnson
Vice President, Communications and Marketing


Jacqueline Flinker
Vice President, Strategic Talent Initiatives

Human Resources:

Joseph Massey
HR Manager

Business Development:

Company Creation: