Michael Israels

Michael Israels

Michael Israels
Chief Financial Officer

Many organizations claim to be collaborative but, at CCRM, we live collaboration. It’s in our DNA. That means each and every day we collaborate with our internal teams, taking great pains to avoid a “silo” mentality, and we extend this same thinking with our industry, academic and government partners. We truly believe a collaborative approach and way of thinking leads to better outcomes.

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Michael Israels is the Chief Financial Officer of CCRM. Prior to joining CCRM, Michael was a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young LLP, President of BEST Funds, a venture capital company, and CEO of Convexus Managed Services Inc., a start-up fund administration company.

As CFO, Michael is responsible for overseeing operational effectiveness and efficiency at CCRM, the creation and development of start-up regenerative medicine companies, and the sourcing of risk capital.

E: michael.israels@ccrm.ca

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