CCRM works closely with academic institutions and inventors to accelerate the commercialization of promising early-stage regenerative medicine research. To achieve this, we have developed a model for creating and incubating new companies that we believe improves the chances of their long-term success.
We first identify opportunities by matching technologies with patient and market needs. Programs are then taken from concept to spin-out by strategically leveraging CCRM’s expertise and infrastructure.


Our activities include technology sourcing and evaluation; intellectual property management; company concept generation; proof of concept study planning and execution; designing and implementing scalable and regulatory compliant manufacturing processes; leadership placements; and, fundraising. If required, CCRM is then able to provide post-incubation services that support the continued growth and success of these companies.


Our 5-step incubation program process:

1. Develop positioning and establish clinical unmet need

2. De-risk technology using desk and lab-based diligence activities

3. Implement scalable, regulatory-compliant manufacturing processes

4. Engage networks for follow-on investment and/or strategic partnerships

5. Provide valuable post-incubation services