• Small-scale liquid handling robot
    • Enables high-throughput analytics
    • Automated sample preparation
  • Large-scale liquid handling robot
    • Enables custom media development
    • Automated cell culture maintenance
    • Integrated 125-plate capacity incubator
    • Enables media and buffer formulation optimization
    • 96-channel head to accommodate 96-well plate
    • Software enabled remote monitoring
    • Integrated multi-mode cell imaging for autonomous plate quantification

Upstream Process
  • A range of process-controlled bioreactor scales from 15 mL to 50 L
  • Reusable glass vessels and single-use technology
  • Stirred tank and rocking bed bioreactors, in various configurations, with up to 200 L capacity
  • Small-scale suite of 24 bioreactors at 15 mL and 250 mL to enable rapid design of experiment
Analytics Suite
  • Flow cytometers
  • ddPCR
  • Automated clone picker
  • Confocal microscope
  • Automated electrophoresis system
  • High content cell analyzer
  • Plate readers
  • Particle Multisizer
  • HPLC
Closed cell processing
  • Cell harvest and washing
  • Buffer exchange
  • Isolation
  • Viral transduction
  • Expansion
  • De-beading
  • Concentration and reformulation
  • Fill and finish
Cryopreservation equipment
  • Controlled rate liquid nitrogen-free freezers
  • Traditional controlled rate freezers
  • -80°C freezers and LN2 vapour phase storage

Cell culture capacity
  • 22 biosafety cabinets in the process development lab for a total of 15 sq ft
  • 16 centrifuges​ including one ultracentrifuge
  • 31 incubators​ with an average volume of 165 L
  • 7 NC200 cell counters​
Downstream Processing
  • Processing of culture volumes ranging from 50 ml – 50 L
  • Bioreactor-adapted DNA digestion protocol
  • Low shear diaphragm pumps to maintain infectivity of virus
  • Multiple tangential flow filtration systems, including the ability to multiplex at small scale for DoE studies
  • Experience with multimodal and ion-exchange chromatography resins
  • Preparative chromatography system for development of scalable processes