Case Study: Notch Therapeutics

Successful launch of Notch Therapeutics

Notch is an immune cell therapy company developing universal, off-the-shelf T cell therapies derived from renewable stem cell sources.
Notch Therapeutics

Notch is the embodiment of 10 years of research from the labs of Drs. Juan Carlos Zúñiga- Pflücker at Sunnybrook Research Institute and Peter Zandstra at the University of Toronto. Additional founders include the Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners and Lumira Ventures. Notch is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and also has an presence in Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Notch is the first company that has gone end-to-end through CCRM’s internal company incubation process.

Sourced Technologies

Identified and bundled promising technologies from academic institutions.

Built Program

Generated proof of concept (PoC) data and strategically selected therapeutic indications.

Spun-Out Company

Created external partnerships, attracted experienced leadership and raised seed funding.

The Notch Therapeutics story

1. Bundling of Technologies and IP protection

CCRM identified promising technologies from
two academic labs and led in filing Intellectual Property (IP). CCRM hired student inventor to continue developing IP.

2. Internal Development

CCRM confirmed the technology and designed PoC studies to demonstrate therapeutic utility.

3. Company Ideation

CCRM developed the business plan based on market and competitor landscape and secured an entrepreneur-in-residence with a track record of success.

4. External Partnerships and Funding

CCRM worked to develop strategic partnerships and built relationships with investors.

5. Company Launch

CCRM co-founded the company with academic institutions and facilitated licensing of the technology to newly-formed Notch Therapeutics.

6. Continued Infrastructure and Manufacturing Support

CCRM designed a comprehensive support strategy, including ongoing lab contract services.