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Industry Network

CCRM’s founding industry consortim represents key sectors of the Regenerative Medicine (RM) industry – pharmaceutical, devices, reagents, tools, biomaterials and cell therapies. Despite their differences, they all have the same objective: to utilize the translational platforms developed by CCRM to enable new opportunities and to address real-life bottlenecks in their RM businesses. The industry consortium consists of large multinationals, small-medium enterprises (SME) and emerging biotechnology companies. It provides market knowledge and a ready supply of global receptors for technologies and products generated by CCRM and its partners. We are committed to growing and evolving our network, and thus are moving away from a fee-for-benefit structure. Instead, we are building a structure based on partnerships and projects, tailored to the goals and objectives of each company. Become a member of the new Industry Network and find out how we can work with you. 

The Benefits of Our Network

  • Increased brand recognition and awareness
  • Access to potential customers
  • Access to Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Thought leadership
  • Collaborative development and advancement of project ideas
  • Increased engagement with the broader regenerative medicine community

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CCRM's Industry Network Members