Emmanuel Abate

Emmanual Abate

President, Genomic Medicine

Emmanuel Abate works to bring out the best in his team so they can better serve the scientific community working on the next medical breakthrough. The Genomic Medicine business includes solutions to help advance the discovery and manufacturing of viral vector, cell therapies, and nucleic acid-based therapies. Emmanuel also leads the company-wide Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

Emmanuel’s career began in 1999 with GE Healthcare, where he worked in business development and eBusiness. He earned his MBA in 2004 and joined the Boston Consulting Group from 2004-2007, based in Paris. When he returned to GE Healthcare in 2007, he served in product and commercial leadership positions for Interventional Imaging, Women’s Health Imaging, and Radiology.

In 2018, Emmanuel became the General Manager of Genomics and Cellular Research, when the business was part of GE Healthcare Life Sciences, now Cytiva.

Emmanuel was appointed to his current position in September 2022.

Emmanuel is inspired by the hundreds of scientists, specialists, and technicians working on the instruments and consumables that accelerate the development of diagnostics and therapies.

Emmanuel has a passion for the natural world, and in his role as Head of Corporate Social Responsibility he is driven to make a difference in leading company-wide sustainability initiatives. The role also involves continuous improvement in the way the company looks after customers and associates and enables positive societal change.

Emmanuel lives in Paris with his wife and son.

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