CCRM Enterprises Inc., CCRM’s for-profit venture investment arm, creates value for regenerative medicine-based technologies and cell and gene therapy companies by making early-stage investments while leveraging CCRM’s sector expertise and specialized infrastructure.


CCRM Enterprises invests in early-stage ventures and projects developing therapeutics and enabling technologies. Through an extensive network of investors, it can bring together risk capital to support these early-stage ventures as they scale up along the development pathway. By tapping into CCRM’s manufacturing infrastructure and expertise, CCRM Enterprises provides capital-efficient support to accelerate and de-risk these high potential, early-stage ventures, further enabling the development of an advanced therapies ecosystem.

By leveraging our strong investor network, and with our current and growing access to funds for regenerative medicine-based technologies and cell and gene therapy companies, we can offer start-ups the financial backing to advance their technologies toward commercialization.

Partnering with start-ups

CCRM works with start-ups to ensure they have the necessary people, facilities and funding. Partnering with start-ups may take the form of direct investment, licensing of technologies to CCRM, or asset co-development.

The core components of our offering to start-ups include:

Development and manufacturing infrastructure

Scientific expertise

Counsel from an expert Investment Board, composed of scientists and venture capitalists

Connection to network and participation in exclusive events

A unique approach as compared to traditional venture capital (VC) groups

Partnering with investors

CCRM also works with other investors in partnerships that may take the form of co-investment in current opportunities, creation of co-branded biotech funds, or direct investments in CCRM’s company creation engine.

CCRM can provide investors with the following: access to local emerging companies or opportunities coming from CCRM’s international hubs; access to our in-house specialized scientific team to inform decisions; and, the potential for engagement with CCRM’s incubating companies.