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Industry Network

CCRM’s founding industry consortium represents key sectors of the Regenerative Medicine (RM) industry – pharmaceutical, devices, reagents, tools, biomaterials and cell therapies. The industry consortium consists of large multinationals, small-medium enterprises (SME) and emerging biotechnology companies. It provides market knowledge and a ready supply of global receptors for technologies and products generated by CCRM and its partners.

CCRM Industry Partnership Evolution: Structure, Optimize & Enhance Partner Engagement

Why Now?

CCRM’s investments in process development, manufacturing, and company creation are driving the need for an expanded engagement model with our Industry Consortium

Industry Network_Pyramid_V2_2_0.png

Industry Anchor Partners: a select group of major industry/ecosystem players engaged with CCRM to accomplish the shared goal of building new capabilities and/or infrastructure that will benefit the RM ecosystem. GE Healthcare (GEHC) is CCRM’s main industry anchor partner. GEHC is CCRM’s leading technology development partner, committing $20M to seed the Centre for Advanced Therapeutic Cell Technologies (CATCT). This partnership has established product & process development capabilities that serve a critical need in the RM ecosystem. Our goals for engagement with anchor partners are to drive forward critical projects, tell the story of our success to the broader community, and create a long-term plan for continued partnership
Industry Premier Partners: companies actively engaged with CCRM in significant contract service work for product and process development and/or manufacturing, as well as companies in which CCRM currently holds equity stakes. Our goals for engagement with premier partners are to deliver high-quality, reputation-building services, explore new ways our commercialization platform can grow their business by better understanding their needs, and partner for the advancement of new therapies/tools.
Industry Spotlight Partners: companies that maintain a business relationship with CCRM by sponsoring our events (e.g. annual Till and McCulloch Meetings) or engaging in contract service work. Our goals for engagement with spotlight partners are to offer high-quality services, look for opportunities to increase engagement, and provide increased visibility for these companies in the RM ecosystem.
Ecosystem Partners: a diverse and expanding cohort of companies who are interested in learning about RM and finding opportunities to boost interactions within the community. Our goals for engagement with ecosystem partners are to stay connected, provide information about CCRM’s activities and others within the community, and facilitate engagement with the broader RM ecosystem.

CCRM's Industry Network Members

This is not an exhaustive list of the companies CCRM engages with.