A busy intersection: Ethics and policy in cell and gene therapies

May 14, SEASON: 1, EPISODE: 5

A busy intersection: Ethics and policy in cell and gene therapies

Examining the role ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks will play in regenerative medicine’s future.


Prof. Bartha Maria Knoppers, Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine, and Director of the Centre of Genomics and Policy, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University
Siofradh McMahon, Director, Clinical Translation and Regulatory Affairs, CCRM 

Join guests for a discussion about the responsibilities of the regenerative medicine industry, exploring how ethics can and should be embedded into the world’s emerging regulatory frameworks for cell and gene therapies.  

Are kneejerk, fear-based reactions influencing the regulatory environment? How can international compliance be ensured when some industries working on genetically modified organisms, such as agriculture, are less tightly regulated than therapeutics? Is the conversation around emerging therapies unbalanced, focusing too much on benefits and not enough on risks, encouraging patients to demand access to unproven, risky therapies? Listen to find out. 

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