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Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) is composed of world-leading experts in stem cell and biomaterials technologies. CCRM shares its SAB with the Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine (OIRM).

Co- Chairs

  • Janet Rossant, Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute, Canada
  • Peter Zandstra, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, Canada


  • Jeffrey Hubbell, The University of Chicago, USA
  • Douglas Lauffenburger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Chris Mason, AVROBIO, USA
  • Kathrin Plath, University of California, USA
  • Michael Sefton, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Toshio Suda, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Jakub Tolar, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Fiona Watt, King's College London, UK

Honourary Member

  • Shinya Yamanaka, Centre for iPS Cell Research and Application, Japan