Educational Events

CCRM, both on its own and in partnership with other organizations, hosts educational events for trainees, experts and others in the regenerative medicine and cell and gene therapy fields.


One series of educational events is hosted by the Clinical Translation Education Group (CTEG). The CTEG is a collaboration, formed in 2016, between organizations involved in experimental clinical cellular therapy to address the absence of a high-quality, structured educational training program in clinical translation of biotherapeutics. Its vision is to develop a training strategy in clinical translation to cover aspects of research translation from early discovery to the clinical trial and commercialization stage. Participating organizations include BioCanRx, CCRM, CellCAN, Clinical Trials Ontario, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Ontario Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the Stem Cell Network.

In 2019, CTEG hosted a workshop on current trends and innovations in cell and gene therapy with an emphasis on disruptive technologies. The session introduced new tools and strategies that are shaping where the biotherapeutic field is headed. The workshop took place in Toronto on September 29, 2019.


The Clinical Translation Education Group (CTEG) hosted a full-day workshop titled the Introduction to Intellectual Property (IP) & Entrepreneurship for Biotherapeutic Scientists. The workshop, held on September 14, 2018 at the Chestnut Residence & Conference Centre in Toronto, Canada, focused on understanding the integral concepts of IP, including how to conduct a patent search, and issues related to starting your own company, such as financing the development of a discovery, making a business plan, and tips, tricks and lessons learned from experts in the biotechnology sector. The workshop was sponsored by the Center for Commercialisation of Cancer Immunotherapy, Turnstone Biologics, the University of Toronto and Medicine by Design.

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