Cell Therapy Logistics at Receiving Site – Opportunities and Challenges

The Supply Chain & Logistics for Cell & Gene Therapies (CGT) Seminar took place on January 20, 2020, in Toronto, Canada. International experts and health care leaders discussed their experiences and solutions to supply chain and logistics challenges for the CGT industry, and shared key considerations for the first and last 100 metres to get a treatment to the clinic. Presenters touched upon global issues, the regulatory environment, how product is received on the clinic floor, and the physician’s experience. The seminar was hosted by CCRM and CellCAN. A live webcast of the presenters and their slides was also offered.

In this video taken from the live webcast, Anuj Singla, PhD, Manager, Cancer Clinical Research Unit-Cell Therapy Program | Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, UHN, shares a presentation entitled Cell Therapy Logistics at Receiving Site – Opportunities and Challenges.

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