Pioneers and visionaries of cell therapy #6: Translational science

What’s translational research? You’ve cured cancer in a mouse, now you have to get that treatment to work in a human — that’s how Preston Keller describes the aim of his work. And for Keller, helping people turn discoveries into something that can have an actual effect on disease is what makes translational science so impactful, and ambitious. 

Taking promising therapies through clinical trials and turning translational research into something GMP-ready ― quickly and safely ― calls for collaboration at every phase. That’s where organizations like CCRM come in. CCRM works with both academic partners and industry players to give early phase ideas the solutions and expertise needed for a cost-effective, efficient, process development journey.

In this episode, you’ll also hear from another not-for-profit organization making a difference by supporting advancements in translational science. Caring Cross is on a mission to make CAR T therapies more widely available by increasing access to key technologies and distributing equipment to under-resourced regions.

This video was produced by Cytiva. It features Jana Machan, Gary Pigeau, Mitchel Sivilotti, and Michael Le.

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